oliver and serena

by sunovawot and damommza

in the pale glow of moonlight
in the still of midnight air
though i cannot see your figure
in my heart you’re always there

now death has joined forever
what life could never part
though others bid us farewell
for us it’s just the start…



in the days of mephistopheles we’ll ride the great machine
through the back streets of vienna where the circus hasn’t been
we will whistle into corners where the fuzzy people are
sing the dutchman is a sailor and he’s coming from afar
and even though we love him with a passion that is pure
he’ll never come between us since he never comes ashore

we’ll take our sordid pleasures till the tolling of the bell
tells us that the day is over, time to go to hell
but here’s the thing that you should know before you wave goodbye
a cold new day’s a-dawning if you look beyond the sky
and every lie you’ve ever told and every heart you broke
will not seem quite so funny when you’re the punchline of the joke