by sunovawot & damommza

the breath that i am drawing,
and all the tears that i have cried
the moments i could leave you
for all the times that you have lied
there is nothing left to hold me,
to the promises we shared,
for nothing that you offered
shows how much you may have cared
so we’ll spend this time together
and watch the hours drifting by
then we’ll hope for god almighty
to teach us how to fly
but that is far beyond us
and we have no easy road
and the truth that we are left with
is an indecypherable code

yet the moments of our parting
have been written in the stars
it was all laid out before us
but the trying left such scars
that we clung to one another
in the hopes that we could choose
but the choice was made already
and we both of us must lose
while the earth is set on fire
and the time is growing dear
will we regret the moments spent apart
or those that we spent near?
god will teach us how to fly soon
as all finally will end
and that code we shared between us
will be revealed when I hit “send”

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  1. damommza

     /  December 26, 2016

    We are like peanut butter and jelly! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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