cool and settled

by sunovawot and damommza

It was a cool and settled night-time
all the ghosties laying low
without the storm and lightning
they had nowhere to go

They tried to hide in houses
Abandoned and alone
But With no electric
How will they charge their phone?

They crouched in tall wide grasses
Stretched out under the stars
And played with the night life
Caught fireflies in jars

it’s not the same as haunting
as anyone can see
but without storm and lightning
ghosts are never free


plagiarism, that burns!

poor beastie, thou maun live
upon the burning pyre
while schemes of mice and men
are subject to the fire

I wad be laith to rin
to meet you at your call
wi’ murderin’ pattle
at some enchanters ball

thy poor, earth born companion
can lay down to his rest
foresight may be vain
to those who are not blest

i backward cast my eye
to mark the path i tread
now thous turn’d out
i might as well be dead

nought but grief and pain
i leave behind for you
for promis’d joy is lost
and naught but death is true