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‘I’ve written poetry all my life but, until now, all of it was thrown away soon after it was written, never having been seen by anyone but myself. I am a social-phobic which means I have the absolute minimum level of interaction with other people commensurate with modern life. If I speak more than a dozen words a week they’re all to myself. The answerphone and the internet have made it possible for me to be pretty much of an urban hermit. Also the anonymity of the internet allows me to expose my poetry to other’s gaze. I have no idea of it’s quality, all I know is that I like some of it more than others, so I have decided to put up all my finished poems, a much smaller number than those I have started. Most of the lolspeak poems have been written in response to something I’ve read on Lolcats on I Can Has Cheezburger? and have been put up there first, the rest comes from where ever. All of it is my own work.

I will respond if anyone leaves a comment but otherwise my poetry will speak for itself

Please note, if anyone wants to borrow any of my poetry for anything (other than commercial purposes) you don’t need to ask, but I would appreciate knowing if you feel like telling me.

I have been receiving some very nice comments from readers, perhaps I should point out, I have no problem with criticism, as long as it is constructive.

As of Dec 8th 2011 I have introduced tagging for the poems. You will find the tag cloud under the recent comments on the right hand panel. If you think anything is mistagged or should have new tags added or old ones removed let me know in the comments, and if I agree I will make the changes.

If anyone feels the need to contact me directly I can be reached at: sunovawot@outlook.com

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  1. It certainly does speak well (for you *and* yourself). Thank you very much for “groe” — a beautiful reminder. Followed your link here and teared up anew over “ai’l hold yoo.” Cathartic and much needed. Thank you.

    • Thank you, I am glad that it means something to someone else.
      I will post this on ICHC, but you, and anybody else, are free to use any of my poetry anywhere and anywhen you like.

      • Thanks for gibbing me “carte blanche”! Ai will nomminate (not NOM!) u for poet laureate of the Tea Room. Siriously.

  2. damommza

     /  June 28, 2011

    I found your poems because “groe” was posted on ICHC. I am at a loss for words. You speak to the soul and to the heart with such simplicity yet with such intense feelings. I could not read through any of them without tearing up. “ai’l hold you” is something we all go through at some point in our lives. You captured the moment, the feeling of loss, the little bit of hope that lies before it and the knowledge that it can only end one way.

    Thank you. Thank you. Please keep posting and please keep writing. Your work is amazing.

    Sincerely, Debbie

    • Thank you, I write as tthe inspiration takes me, and, as long as I get new ideas or, as appears more often, new ways of treating old ones, I will carry on doing so.

      • damommza

         /  June 28, 2011

        ..and as you do so, I will continue the pleasure of reading it.

    • Whut Debbie said. Ai laik ur poetry very very much.

  3. I haz to agree wiv Upfi and Debbie…yu hazza talented! Ai holehartedly sekkund teh nomminashun as Tea Room poe-it laureate! Teh furst lolspeak poeit yufink?

    Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us who need it.

  4. OnleeKitteh

     /  July 11, 2011

    I’ve seen so many of your poems on ICHC and in the Cryer. They were all very good, to the point, and thought provoking. You have a talent and deserve to have your talent seen/heard. Keep up the good work.
    *let your light shine*

    • Thank you, as I’ve said elsewhere, my poems are written for my pleasure, that anyone else can take anything from them is an unexpected bonus.

  5. I am very much enjoying your work. Thanks for inviting me in. 🙂

  6. janey (altosinger)

     /  October 1, 2012

    Your poems speak well of your heart. Not all of us are social bugs; we are all wired differently and that is just fine. I see a depth of love in your heart that can’t be spoken one-on-one unless there is a deep long-time trust between two people. I am more social than you–but i rarely speak of what goes on in the depths. I, too have difficulty trusting people with the thing that makes me me. GOD bless you, dear brother. You are in my heart.

    • Thank you for the kind thoughts. Nothing I do, see, or feel, is ever spoken one-on-one, as far as possible, and when forced into it is deeply distressing. The ‘net allows me a level of contact that, while minimal, is still much greater than I had known for many years. 😀

  7. janey (altosinger)

     /  October 2, 2012

    Then i will just continue to hold you in my heart and prayers, and not ask for what you cannot give. Is it all right if i pray for healing of your fears?


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