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  1. This page, as the title says, is for other people’s poetry, if they want to add it. Anyone is free to do so, but I retain the right to refuse it space if I find it offensive, or if it infringes someone else’s copyright. Please note: this page is only for poetry, or people’s responses to it. If you have anything else to say please use the “Stuff” page.

  2. by damommza

    A bit of whimsy for you on this very rainy day across the pond…

    my cupboards are empty
    my cabinets bare
    I’m all out of milk
    as hungry as a bear

    the shoppes are all crowded
    I want to be done
    this having to go
    is really no fun

    I’d like a nice garden
    that’d grow in my flat
    just spread out some seeds
    and be done with that

    sliced buns and hot sausage
    would grow in a week
    buckets of chicken
    hot bubble and squeak

    I’d even have boxes
    of steak and some ale
    that would come packaged
    and never go stale

    small cakes and iced cookies
    like flowers would mound
    I could just pick them
    right off of the ground

    with no need to water
    don’t even need sun
    I’d be so happy
    to get this all done

    with bushels of apples
    and great slabs of cheese
    long vines with peppers
    as much as I please

    hot tea would be steaming
    in cups that would grow
    right near the windows
    with long vines below

    then I could write poems
    and not waste my time
    thinking of writing
    while stuck in this line

  3. 🙂 xackly how I feel!

  4. damommza

     /  October 19, 2011

    SQUEEE!!! This came from a conversation about how much time you waste shopping when you could be writing!

  5. Simple kindness words
    Make the loneliness less sharp.
    I am welcomed here.

    Sit by kitchen stove,
    Share some good poems with new friends,
    Laughing at the words,

    Miles apart we are,
    but still the comradeship has warm
    rhyming kindness words.


    • what matters distance
      when words can fly and thoughts stretch
      to encompass all

      • *Hai*, sensei poet!
        Distance is no consequence,
        poet kami fly!


        • the kami may fly
          as for me I’m yet learning
          but one day, with luck

          • damommza

             /  October 28, 2011

            words like first snowflakes
            fill the air with magic dreams
            I send them to you 😀

        • And where are my manners? I should have, and do, thank you for putting you haiku here! 😦 🙂

          • damommza

             /  October 28, 2011

            OHAI! I posted that this morning while attempting to unfreeze my car door locks! 🙂

            and have since thought..

            cat, an old soul now
            in deep winter hunts fire (in the US, “fire” has 2 syllables-FI-er)
            instead of the mouse

    • damommza

       /  October 28, 2011

      What lovely thoughts. I’m still so unsure of the haiku concept but I love reading yours. 🙂

      • damommza

         /  October 28, 2011

        My “comments” haiku 😀 😀

        nesting boxes don’t
        display the comments in place
        leaving me unsure

  6. Yes, as damommza says in her haiku, I have found the nesting a bit awkward to track so I decided to try this theme. On first sight it appears easier to tie responses to comments where they don’t nest directly below. 😀

    If anyone has comments to make on the theme, please go ahead 🙂

  7. damommza

     /  October 28, 2011

    *looks more confused than usual*

    My comment #1 was for Villow
    comment #2 was for sunovawot (and is missing)
    comment #3 (comment haiku) was for the management 😀

    Comment #2, to paraphrase, was that haiku are new to me as well, and I enjoy reading both Villow’s more experienced ones and sunovawot’s fledgling ones. 🙂

    • The problem, as I saw it, was that where there were additional layers of nesting between an answer to a comment, and the comment itself, with the theme I was using it was difficult to tell by eye which comment was being replied to. Whereas with this theme I can, for instance, quite easily see your comment of 2:49pm is a response to villow’s 10:51pm post. 🙂

      • damommza

         /  October 28, 2011

        AH!! You are so smart!! I never thought to look at the time stamps! When I typed the comment to you, WP informed me that I was typing too fast and I got a blank screen. I assumed it posted, but it was lost. I wanted to say that it is so interesting for me to read Villow’s more experienced ones and your newer ones to see how they evolve. Haikus are all so new to me that I keep re-reading the structure and form info in Wiki to try and write according to the correct format! 🙂

  8. Friday greetings to you both! I’m just back in from outside with dogs who have been fed and my supper is on the stove… home from work for abut an hour, actually.
    I’m delighted you played along with the haiku game! It is a fave in Japan. The “5-7-5” meter is easy to do, though even the best haiku masters don’t always respect it perfectly. I like your haiku very much! 🙂
    The problem seems tç be nesting the comments. At any rate on WP you can only “nest” them so far over and then you get stuck. 😕
    i’m going to get a bite to eat and think about it. 🙂

    • damommza

       /  October 28, 2011

      I was definitely having a problem with following the comments. Even my cat haiku got lost under sunovawots comment to you. His idea of following the time stamps is a clever one though and helpful with this. Dogs are sleeping, cat is sleeping, lunch is finished and we are preparing for a most extraordinary October blizzard that is predicted for tomorrow!

      • Good luck with the weather, damommza 😀

        And Friday greetings to you, villow 😀

        With regard to nesting, so far to me it looks easier to judge by eye the amount of indentation and thus the nesting level of comments on this theme than on my prior one.
        But it is nowhere near perfect and having decided on a change I’ll keep looking until I find something I really like. 😀

  9. damommza

     /  October 28, 2011

    I like this theme better than the previous one. It’s easier to read and I like that your comments are in a different color and easier to see. 🙂

  10. of course, of course! 🙂 (both hands up) lol

  11. Frozen… again

    In the light of the embers I sit and I look
    at her face in the fragile glass frame,
    And the drink in the glass just empowers the lass
    to reproach me the curse of my shame…
    A knock on the door, and who could that be
    in the grey of this cold, freezing dawn?
    I’ll go see … and beseech him or her to leave me
    to my orgy of horror alone.
    Onto my doorstep creeps a haggard old lad
    With a bundle of rags in his hand
    “She’s gone!” comes his groan, “she’s not there,” and he moans
    And holds out a small pouch of gold sand.
    And the fear in my heart moves to terror and grief
    as I realize the truth of the thing:
    the sand that now flows through my fingers I know
    is the dust of her engagement ring.
    Betrayal of love is the worst of all crimes.
    I’d played her for my pleasure alone…
    She’d believed in her heart that we would never part
    and I killed her – to make her be gone.
    Then a breath of perfume comes over the room
    and a whisper like gossamer thread:
    “Dearest one, I forgive you and never will leave you
    and we’ll meet at the rise of the dead.”
    But my life will be long listening to her song
    as my soul dies a bit more each day.
    For the angel I killed had yet my heart so filled –
    Hell itself would not suffice to pay.

    • damommza

       /  November 2, 2011

      ZOMG!! Villow! This is awesome!! We have all made a terrific trilogy!! I love the ghost at the end. What a great ending!! “Frozen Again”!! Superb!

    • That is fantastic 😀 I have to say I love the implicit threat, to his sanity if nothing else, in the lines:
      “Dearest one, I forgive you and never will leave you
      and we’ll meet at the rise of the dead.”

      • well, remember what they say about women scorned… a little mournful haunting would not be amiss as revenge… non?
        I really had fun with this. Thank you for the praise, both of you! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. damommza

     /  November 2, 2011

    I love to write something then send it to sunovawot and watch as it takes shape and becomes something so much more than I originally thought it would be and now you have taken it even further. Thank you! I love what it has become! 😀

  13. here’s another one… 🙂

    Devil’s Game

    An Angel soaring by the seaside cliffs
    Saw Satan casting nets in the sway
    And hovering over his beautiful head
    She saw him look at her and say,
    “Ah, beautiful one with the gold on your hair,
    Honour me with the gift of your name…”

    She settled beside him and looked in his face
    At the laughter in his gleaming eyes
    And saw something more poignant that she could not place
    But that whispered his hurt from foul lies
    And touched her inside. At that moment she knew
    She would follow him true without shame.

    And he sang her his songs and he spoke to her heart
    And each day her wings singed that much more,
    And she gave him her soul with no thought they could part
    While the waves gently beat on the shore.
    She loved him with a love as deep as it was pure
    Hoping perhaps it would his wildness tame.

    Came the day that she saw in a seaside pool
    Her tattered and pitiful wings
    She knew she would never have another God
    And Satan would rule her in all things;
    Still she accepted this. She looked at him with trust
    And then saw how he had changed.

    “It’s time”, said he, “for this moment to end.
    I need to get on with my work.”
    Bewildered she stared at he whom she adored
    And struggled to swallow her hurt.
    “Remember,” she whispered, “how I care for you.
    My feelings will always be the same.”

    And Satan replied with a cruel, evil smile
    As he roughly cast her away,
    “You should have been wise enough to stay out
    Of the games that the Devil can play;”
    And the Angel shattered on the rocks below
    With a last whimper that was
    His name.

  14. damommza

     /  November 14, 2011

    Villow!! This is excellent!! (4th line from the end “of The games that the..” put the “T” in for THE) It gave me goosebumps! 😈 Clappity-Clappity!

    • help! no edit function! *mumblols and grumblols at stoopy sticky keyboard on old puter and very tired eyes…*
      Thank you, D… 🙂 *curtseys* had this one running through my head al day, at least the last part… I actually wrote it down on an envelope so as not to forget 😀

      • damommza

         /  November 14, 2011

        I do that too!! I get a line (like “skating on thin ice”) and then I write it down on something then I think about that line then I add bits to it, then it explodes into a poem. Sometimes I lose the paper I wrote it down on…making it hard to write the poem! As I told sunovawot, I got my new glasses today so my tenure as the “typo Queen” is ending! 😀

        • *grins* that’s about how I work, too. Get a line or two and build on those. Yay for new glasses. I think I need new eyes tonight, lol. 🙂

  15. Thanks for putting in the missing “T” Mr. Editor! 🙂

  16. oh it got fixed by magic, hehe 🙂


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