by damommza & sunovawot


in the heat and in the moment
when life and time stand still
do you hear my heartbeat pounding
while my breath is very shrill

does the anger leave your body
to be replaced by fear
is the running worth the leaving
can you say goodbye to here

as you run away so blindly
your sight veiled with hot tears
I need the words “I am sorry”
to finally reach my ears


you demand apologies
have you such arrant gall
when all you did was beat me down
and try to make me crawl

at last I broke the chain you forged
to hold me by your side
had I not found my liberty
my spirit would have died

so take these words and gnaw on them
to match what you gave me
a system full of acid bile
and a longing to be free



I tighten up my rage another notch and
marked by a nagging void I just can’t fill
I look toward the future and I swear that
all I’ll ever do I’ll do for ill

nothing you can say will change my purpose
circumstances alter cases though it’s said
the only circumstance I think would stop me
if I were to suddenly drop dead

so find yourself a comfy hole to hide in
pretend the world is yours and yours alone
then in a year or two you can emerge and
with luck my fuse will have already blown


cannons replace canons as the world draws to it’s end
and everyone of us is afraid still
once upon a blue moon I held you as a friend
in the days before we learnt to love the kill
nothing you could tell me could bring those feelings back
solitude and torture are my vice
comedy and tragedy are caught on the same rack
tell me is this truly worth it’s price
with you a bleeding martyr and me holding the knife
my taste for pain exceeds it’s normal bounds
this isn’t how I dreamt that I’d be spending my life
running with a pack of hell’s own hounds


if i can keep on screaming will it push these walls away
if i hurt myself enough will these games end
if i hide behind the stories that scramble in my brain
will you stop pretending you’re my friend
i don’t believe in happy and i don’t believe in you
there must be something that i’ve got you really need
there will come a time when you tear it from my corpse
but while we’re waiting you can watch me bleed