a birfdae pome tu poussinboi

tihs won woz fisrt poestd at http://www.yesterdazelolz.com/2016/09/24/noes-no-roundabouts/

tho ai haznt been heer tawkin
for ai’v had noe wurd tu sae
adn ai sayv mai interjkshuns
for a verry speshul dae
adn it seemz taht wee hav hit won
so noe longur ai’l be coi
ai am heer jus tu wish yoo
hapy birfdae poussinboi


damommza birthday 2015

they say that as you get older
the aches and the pains they accrue
the eyesight goes, as does the stamina
and I must say, my dear, that it’s true
but there isn’t a point in complaining
you can caterwaul ’til you’ve gone red
but try to remember your blessings
you can’t grumble once you are dead
so suck it up and keep on toiling
struggling on, and I pray
that you manage to kick back and relax
and enjoy a happy birthday

yet anuvva burfdae

burfdae wishuz hoo wood haz tehm
scroo tehm up adn in teh bin
ai’z tu owld tu stil bee cowntin
senn-ess-sense iz settin in

wonse ai dansed upon teh taybulz
wonse ai woz so lieth adn fin
nao ai’m shaypd juss liek a beechbawl
nao ai haz a trebul chin

wotz teh ues in gettin owldur
wai iz tihs hao fingz must go
ayjin iz a curs upon uz
butt nuffin seemz tu holt teh floe

happy burfdae, pb

yoor gettin owlder dae lee
iz sad perhapz butt troo
tho teh yeerz ar mowntin
it shoodnt mayk yoo bloo
ayj iz juss a numbur adn
tehrez no cawz for regret
wer yoor yeerz litely coz
yoo’v not reechd yoor peek yet

on teh ockayshun ov Cheezland’z nawt furd birfdae

anubber yeer anubber ayj
anubber buuk anubber payj
adn wunse agen wii turnz owr fayse
tu gayz upon tihs halloed playse
wer awl ar free on enny dae
tu cum adn joyn tehir frenz in plae
adn eech adn ebbry buddy noez
taht tihs iz wer owr gladness groez
wer kyootness wawkz adn in itz hand
a flag tu wayv abuv teh land
a signul tu teh massing crowd
tu lett tehir joy ring owt allowd
adn ebbry tuch or frenly kiss
displaez tu awl owr birfdae bliss

debra on the occasion of… and response

by sunovawot & damommza

debra on the occasion of…

the prize for getting older?
there isn’t one, I bet
another candle on the cake
is all that you will get
and that’s if you are lucky
so I hope for your sake
should they forget the candle
they don’t forget the cake

if best wishes are offered
accept them with good grace
it isn’t done to throw them
back in the wishers face
it’s not their fault you’re aging
I think that’s down to god
and blaming friends and family
will make you look quite odd

it’s not a huge disaster
no matter what they say
you’re only one day older
than you were yesterday
so take it like a trouper
for time is on your side
the fact you’re getting older
proves you haven’t died


I haven’t gotten older
I’m moving in reverse
I’ve left my 50’s far behind
and I’m none for the worse

I need glasses to see but
I needed them before
and I still have the same teeth
I did at twenty four

I have the wisdom of my years
learned what i need to know
so raise the curtain, start the band
I’m the star of my own show..

and yes..there will be CAEK! 😀 😀 😀

annuva burfdae song

annuva yeer haz pazd mii bai
annuva kandul on teh cayk
annuva rinkul on teh brow
hao mush mor kam wun man tayk
ayj shood hav stopd wen ai hit priem
tu let mii awlwaez bii mai besst
butt tiem dragz on adn so du ai
in faydid jeenz adn foodstaynd vezt*
ai’d murder tiem had ai teh chanse
adn leev itz corspe for bugz tu eet
butt tiem haz got teh uppahand
so ai wil walloe in mai defeet
adn poor maiseff annuva drink
adn feel mai ayjing hart neer brayk
for lief iz wot it iz mai frenz
adn ennywae, tehrez awlwaez cayk

*in TTI vezt = undashurt

Judi (ex CMiWY)

teh howrz wil tumbul
teh daez wil rush past
awl wii can hoep iz
teh bess wunz wil last
adn giv uz a moemint
tu stadn up adn sae
cum let uz honur
Judi’z burfdae

a poussinboi burfdae pome

annuva yeer, sum wurk, sum plae
haz ernt yoorselph a nyoo burfdae
wii hoep teh burfdae fairy senz
a dae ov fun n food n frenz
if wii wer tehre ai’m shoor yood find
taht awl ov uz wer ov wun mind
weed sing yoor prayzez tu teh skai
butt nun ov uz can sing taht hai

for abt

iz tiem tu seller brayt so
lett teh welkins ring
wii haz tu haz a partee
wer awl kan danse adn sing
happeez wot weer aftur
so eet adn drink adn plae
adn joyn in seller braytin
abt’z burfdae