alone again (inevitably)

my muscles made of rubber
my bones are made of teak
I haven’t got a lover
’cause she disappeared last week
she took a plane to anywhere
a place I’ve never been
singing as she left me
a lyric quite obscene
I’ve taken quite a bit from her
some she chose to give
but now she’s taken everything
how’m I supposed to live
well what the heck, I’ve had enough
this time she’s gone too far
if anybody wants me
they’ll find me in the bar


pretty words

save your pretty words love
give them to those that care
I’m drinking down your nightmares
and floating in mid air

I’ve seen what you would offer
and none of it is real
a trip around the heartlands
a touch of sharpened steel

I’ve smoked too many pipes full
and sold too many lies
I’m here not for the first time
just watching how time flies

and this is not my future
of that you can be sure
I’ve plumbed the depths of Hades
and won’t be back for more

so save your pretty words then
and I’ll be on my way
we have nothing in common
except the time of day