i am…

i am pain and i am sorrow
i’m the curse that should not be
the cost of doing business
in the land of the unfree
i’m hate and spite and bigotry
the words one should not speak
the spirit of malignity
tormentor of the weak
i’m everything you should despise
but no matter what you do
you’ll never be quite rid of me
for i’m alive in you



come slither by my pretty boy
count the moments ticky-tock
slide your way into my mind
then freeze the hands upon the clock
and say to me in accents sly
this then is how your fate may fall
don’t play the game or sure as sin
you’ll answer when the furies call

come creeping in my pretty boy
take the moments grind them down
pose me in the spotlight’s glare
crown me with a thorny crown
and tell me of those little lies
spoken softly and in jest
then smile a feral smile and go
and leave me to my haunted rest