xmas? yeah, right

by damommza & sunovawot

The shopping is over
The wrapping is done
I’ve made lots of cookies
And eaten every one
The stockings are hung
By the chimney with care
I’m off to the gym
Before I outgrow this chair….

the shopping’s not done yet
the wrapping’s a chore
I ain’t making cookies
’cause cooking’s a bore
the stockings are holey
the chimney is blocked
I’ll forgo the gym ’cause
the bar is well stocked




the dripping the dripping the dripping won’t stop
it soon fills my head and I must get a mop
it’s leaking it’s leaking its hitting the floor
biting my heels, I run for the door
the wild wind is biting and clawing my face
but the dripping the dripping soon picks up the pace
I run and I run till my feet hit the splash
reality splinters, I’m starting to crash
with a feeling of calm I just lay back and float
and bang my head there on the tip of a boat
I sling myself over, my fingers are dull
the dripping the dripping is filling the hull
I look in the water, there are faces below
of those who gave up and just went with the flow
I’m eager to join them I’m eager to stay
how does one keep all this water at bay?


let the water drip I say
I have no strength to fight today
nor have I will to take a stand
against the drowning of the land

it’s true that once upon a time
I strove to draw some kind of line
a limit plain for all to know
so far no further will I go

but age has worn the spirit down
that once would stand and fight his ground
all that’s left is what you see
a broken husk that was once me

Serena still

by sunovawot & damommza

How can it be
my heart still cries
for one more look
into those eyes

how can it be
that I still find
that thoughts of you
can fill my mind

how can it be
though you are gone
my love for you
still lingers on

It still can be
I have to say
to think of her
most every day

It still can be
to feel her weight
upon my pillow
when it is late

It still can be
to call her name
a silent house
is not the same

It still can be
with those I’ve lost
that all the tears
are worth the cost…

call and response

by damommza & sunovawot


I cannot be a poet
No matter what u say
For if i was a poet
I’m rhyme the day away

I’d take words like *suet*
And find some words that rhyme
Don’t think that I can’t do it
I’d just need lots of time

And then I’d be a “poet”
But none so good as you
I absolutely know it
And what I say is true


say it three times and it’s true so they say
as sure as the night time will follow the day
but you said it once and thusly I fear
your words are no more than the froth on my beer

poems make poets or vice verser it seems
they tangle and mangle and squander your dreams
poets write poems and doggerel and rhymes
but these I’m afraid are the least of their crimes

the challenge is laid down, perhaps by myself
but anything’s better than life on the shelf
give me a tail wind and I’ll play with your suet
and when I am done you can see if I blew it

debra on the occasion of… and response

by sunovawot & damommza

debra on the occasion of…

the prize for getting older?
there isn’t one, I bet
another candle on the cake
is all that you will get
and that’s if you are lucky
so I hope for your sake
should they forget the candle
they don’t forget the cake

if best wishes are offered
accept them with good grace
it isn’t done to throw them
back in the wishers face
it’s not their fault you’re aging
I think that’s down to god
and blaming friends and family
will make you look quite odd

it’s not a huge disaster
no matter what they say
you’re only one day older
than you were yesterday
so take it like a trouper
for time is on your side
the fact you’re getting older
proves you haven’t died


I haven’t gotten older
I’m moving in reverse
I’ve left my 50’s far behind
and I’m none for the worse

I need glasses to see but
I needed them before
and I still have the same teeth
I did at twenty four

I have the wisdom of my years
learned what i need to know
so raise the curtain, start the band
I’m the star of my own show..

and yes..there will be CAEK! 😀 😀 😀

what fortune?

by damommza

what trick of fate, what scheme so grand
has put this cookie in to my hand
I slide it down, under my plate
and leave this place ‘fore its too late

once safely home I don’t forget
I have avoided fortune’s threat
but then I see, by my bedside
the cookie’s back, I nearly cried

just go away, I do not care
what message you have waiting here
into a bag and down the chute
your message now completely mute

back to my place, I jauntily go
and sitting, tied up with a bow
upon my sink, the cookie’s back
I grab a knife for my attack

I stab it through and break it’s shell
and push it down the sink to hell
sweat covered now and shaking bad
I hope that I’m not going mad

with windows wide, I take a breath
and think the message has met it’s death
when flying by, like crazy snow
hundreds of messages, ebb and flo

if, if, if

by damommza

if I could see ahead, then I’d know
which streams to cross, which paths to go
If I could see the future, where it leads
I could prepare for all my wants and needs

if I could see the stars, and heaven’s gate
and all the ways of god, or rules of fate
then I would know all that can ever be known
where the path to salvation is correctly shown

if I could see inside and know my mind
but there are things in there I must not find
behind shuttered windows and sad goodbyes
are curtains of tears that cover my eyes

but your eyes still see and my heart still breaks
my head is sore and my body aches
the only thing that can settle this score
is if I get to see you once more

if our roads do cross and our paths entwine
I’ll once again try to make you mine
and if blind I am as I’m bound to be
then one touch from you and I’ll be free

but I’m dark in my shell, unable to see
that what has changed you has not changed me
and no matter what I wish I have no sight
so I just struggle on and pray I’m right

no tears

by sunovawot & damommza

no tears of pain on a bright summer’s morning
i can forgive them all that they’ve done
no-one else knows the troubles we’ve been through
under the clouds and the pale winter sun

schooled by the past on a long ago heartache
brought to our knees by the actions of fate
where we will end i have no idea
but while we’re together there’s no room for hate

we exist in a moment of pure exhilaration
and reject all we might have become
talks of the past brings reconciliation
scar tissue guarantees we are numb

so together we are and together we stay
as long as they leave us alone
we have no desire to fight them much longer
if we must then we leave on our own


by damommza & sunovawot

How cold and lonesome is the night
with stars that never meet
yet all watch Cassiopeia
as she reclines upon her seat

and burning bright the stars will wait
for eternity to unfold
then burn themselves out, one by one
spinning blackness from their gold

but yet we see them, so long gone
their light still travels onward
like the love you took from me
after my soul was conquered

the light once seen, the heat once felt
both gone beyond our ken
and I am left a man alone
lost to my fellow men

what stories could the night skies tell
if only they would deign
the spark crushed out, the death of love
the tears that fell like rain

I have no need to view the skies
those bright orbs have no power
to cast illumination on
this cold and lonesome hour

folks say… and what I say…

by damommza

I find that people can’t tell
their elbow from their toe
they say the damndest things and
they clearly never know
they also say that you can be
a pauper or a king
or you can be the pope and
wear the golden ring
but since I am a woman
I don’t think that will fly
and since I don’t have much hope
I don’t think I will try
instead I’ll turn my energies
to weave some wondrous tales
of red dragons and pirate ships
and sailing boats and whales
or giant frogs and aliens
and flying to the moon
and tiny worlds that can be seen
only at stroke of noon
make sure when the clock strikes
you sit down in your nook
so you can be just what you want
I’ve written you the book…