there are walls built up before me
there are chains that bind me tight
there is promise in the morning
that is torn away each night
and each word i have spoken
is but another nail
in the coffin that awaits me
should i burst out of this jail
but my spirit won’t be broken
nor will my head be bowed
despite what lies before me
still i will stand proud
for no matter what the torment
this much i still know
the future’s not yet written
and i’ve miles left to go



you’d like to see me failing
falling off my bike
that is what you’re after
the sort of thing you like
well I can tell you hard luck
that isn’t how I roll
I never lose my balance
my eye stays on the goal
so take a dig if you want
it will not bother me
I’m here and I’m a winner
just wait and you will see
then go and find another
I’m sure it can’t be far
to find someone who cares for
the waste of space you are

no tears

by sunovawot & damommza

no tears of pain on a bright summer’s morning
i can forgive them all that they’ve done
no-one else knows the troubles we’ve been through
under the clouds and the pale winter sun

schooled by the past on a long ago heartache
brought to our knees by the actions of fate
where we will end i have no idea
but while we’re together there’s no room for hate

we exist in a moment of pure exhilaration
and reject all we might have become
talks of the past brings reconciliation
scar tissue guarantees we are numb

so together we are and together we stay
as long as they leave us alone
we have no desire to fight them much longer
if we must then we leave on our own

pretty words

save your pretty words love
give them to those that care
I’m drinking down your nightmares
and floating in mid air

I’ve seen what you would offer
and none of it is real
a trip around the heartlands
a touch of sharpened steel

I’ve smoked too many pipes full
and sold too many lies
I’m here not for the first time
just watching how time flies

and this is not my future
of that you can be sure
I’ve plumbed the depths of Hades
and won’t be back for more

so save your pretty words then
and I’ll be on my way
we have nothing in common
except the time of day

shuck and plunge

destiny is waiting but she hasn’t got all day
time to shuck your idleness and plunge into the fray
look at what the future holds within it’s clammy hand
several bouts of WTF no matter what you’ve planned
but take it as it comes I say, and never bend your knee
if anything has any worth then you must remain free
cannibals will cannibalise and mockers always mock
the answer is to turn your cheek, then hit ’em with a rock


the light you shone
burns ever on
to lead me to my fate
no god above
of peace or love
would bring me to this state
a cautious mark
hid in the dark
is all I know of hope
but I alone
by blood and bone
am strong enough to cope
though all your lies
would blind my eyes
not yet am I so bound
through countless days
in myriad ways
a path may still be found
and on I toil
with blood aboil
until my task is done
then may I rest
among the blest
in light of heaven’s sun

they builded me a coffin

they builded me a coffin and brought it round to me
not that I was ready mind, nor I’d a wish to be
but I’d been taking awful risks, or so some bugger said
and if I didn’t careful up I was halfway there to dead

now I’m a savvy feller though, or words to that effect
some folks owe me money, and others owe respect
and I can kick a door down or stand up to a fight
the only thing I cannot do is make my life run right

a quarterweight of mischief and half a ton of strife
an hour cussing luridly, and there you have my life
I’ve known my share of trouble, some of it far too well
there’s many a man no worse than me lays rotting in a cell

but steady on they tell me or your time is nearly through
and none of us would soil our hands picking up after you
so take this box we’ve brought you study it all around
and pull yourself together or you’ll wear it in the ground

so should I turn a new leaf as these villains all proclaim?
turn my back on blackguardry and find another game?
I’ll stand before the host of them and they will hear me cry
I’ll burn the rotted lot of you, then let’s see who will die!


Mary what a folderol you come on like a queen
as callous and contemptible as any I have seen
but Mary I can tell you that the world is not your toy
and if you’re after subjects then be sure I’m not your boy
I’ve spent too many years working my way through
life and all it’s challenges to bow my head to you
nothing you can say or do will change my settled mind
you claim to see the substance but the truth is you are blind
all the world is moving on while you perch on your throne
so Mary don’t be too surprised if you’re left on your own


shattered fell and damn the days end
weather worn and scarlet eyed
there upon his way he pondered
beguiling thoughts of suicide

there I met him lost and broken
crazy tales he spun that night
I beheld the worlds he painted
I beheld his soul take flight

none of these that now surround me
have a measure of his wit
I would dance to Hell’s own piping
just for one more taste of it

cordons made to hold off grieving
barriers of loss and pain
there upon a road untaken
I would talk to him again

years have gone and with them laughter
crises mark my path ahead
softly I will greet the morning
nightly I will greet the dead

despair the sin and loathe the sinner
specially if it’s you that sins
deal yourself or use a dealer
either way the table wins

so raise your flags salute your masters
what is life if not a game
you may march ‘neath martial banners
I refuse do the same


caught in other people’s fictions, painted as a fool
was there any background given, who deserves to rule
I could turn a million corners, tell a million lies
ignore what the voice is saying, read what’s in the eyes

let me teach the stories that we’re not supposed to tell
then the choice is yours to fly or crawl back in your shell
genuine disaster or manufactured blight
it doesn’t make a difference if they’re hidden from your sight

though daylight may be blinding the night can hide their sin
and fairness is a bugger if it lets the wrong one win
sects and drugs and visionaries profess to guide our fate
but all I know for certain is that when you’re dead you’re late