these are the days

captains of industry pulling the triggers
i can see through you and all of your games
the words of the prophets are written on cardboard
written on card and consigned to the flames

these are the days i swore we’d remember
these are the ages of weird and wit
while they are playing at servants and masters
you and i watch from the orchestra pit

nightmares will guide us from here to disaster
depths of damnation beneath lowering sky
somehow we’ve said all the words that we need to
so wish us good fortune and kiss us goodbye



by damommza & sunovawot

I knew I should
but now I shan’t
have just said “could”
instead of “can’t”

but time has gone
all’s left is dust
I could strive on
but can’t be fussed

so speak your piece
what e’er you like
then it’s farewell
and on your bike

and I’ll just rest
and sip my wine
the future’s gone
the dust is mine


tell another story boys, the day has been a bust
the steel rods that hold me up are ninety per cent rust
nothing can be what I was, I must have been mistook
though take a picture of me boys, if you admire the look
lessons in just who you are and who I’m meant to be
have been drummed into my hide since I was two or three
but nothing I have ever seen nor words that I’ve heard spoke
have been able to provide a punchline for the joke

a great day

all these wasted hours i could have spent alone
lying on the carpet, ignoring the phone
but no i had to waste the time listening to you drone

what have you to offer me that’s better than i’ve got?
a taste of the forbidden?, a chance at something hot?
or days and nights of misery, and that’s my bloody lot?

and light upon my feet perhaps, but heavy in my heart
i can never be relieved until we finally part
then with any luck at all my life can truly start

so look into my eyes and tell me that you’re on your way
and i won’t even pretend that i’ve got aught to say
but this will be my marker to measure a great day