friend, on the occasion of…

by sunovawot and damommza

floating on a mental breeze
i pass above the sunlit seas
planes and ships i see below
each one with their place to go
i have no wish to join those folk
why fix, when i am happy broke
so on i dream, and on i fly
the endless hours passing by
i have no wish for this to end
what better way to meet a friend

floating on a mental breeze
i pass above the sunlit trees
buds and grass i see below
each one with their place to grow
i have no wish to join those oak
why fix, when I’m a happy bloke
so on i dream, in my blue sky
the endless clouds just passing by
and when I finish what I’ve penned
I see him then, there is my friend


cool and settled

by sunovawot and damommza

It was a cool and settled night-time
all the ghosties laying low
without the storm and lightning
they had nowhere to go

They tried to hide in houses
Abandoned and alone
But With no electric
How will they charge their phone?

They crouched in tall wide grasses
Stretched out under the stars
And played with the night life
Caught fireflies in jars

it’s not the same as haunting
as anyone can see
but without storm and lightning
ghosts are never free

plagiarism, that burns!

poor beastie, thou maun live
upon the burning pyre
while schemes of mice and men
are subject to the fire

I wad be laith to rin
to meet you at your call
wi’ murderin’ pattle
at some enchanters ball

thy poor, earth born companion
can lay down to his rest
foresight may be vain
to those who are not blest

i backward cast my eye
to mark the path i tread
now thous turn’d out
i might as well be dead

nought but grief and pain
i leave behind for you
for promis’d joy is lost
and naught but death is true


in the days of mephistopheles we’ll ride the great machine
through the back streets of vienna where the circus hasn’t been
we will whistle into corners where the fuzzy people are
sing the dutchman is a sailor and he’s coming from afar
and even though we love him with a passion that is pure
he’ll never come between us since he never comes ashore

we’ll take our sordid pleasures till the tolling of the bell
tells us that the day is over, time to go to hell
but here’s the thing that you should know before you wave goodbye
a cold new day’s a-dawning if you look beyond the sky
and every lie you’ve ever told and every heart you broke
will not seem quite so funny when you’re the punchline of the joke


he came from upside-down street with a drumstick in his hand
claimed he was a drummer in a crappy covers band
i shook him very gently and gave his cheek a kiss
told him we weren’t idiots so please don’t take the piss
he shook his head in sorrow then he looked at me askance
got up on his hind legs and led us in a dance
we capered thus for ages till the sky was turning grey
and watched until the monster slow and silent slipt away


when the priests they came to see me they were baying for my head
not for aught that i had done but words they’d heard i said
and standing before witnesses they told me i should know
if god would only grant them blades they’d strike the fatal blow
but here i still stand living and of all the gods i’ve heard
not a one has proved to be more real than a word


my love is all i have to hold
your words may touch the edge of it
but don’t assume that your belief
will reach into the heart of it

if all you have’s an easy phrase
to offer to my beggared heart
then don’t i beg you share your faith
a thing of which i hold no part

Real Time

by damommza

With fingers spread, we cannot touch
The miles too far, the time too much
You are asleep, while I’m awake
You cannot give, I cannot take

The clock declares, this is “real time”
We never talk, we often rhyme
When we are dead, where will we go?
I often guess, you just don’t know

a merry tale

father so they tell me was a mesmer and a mime
he could spin a song for sixpence if you ever had the time
but a cruel and utter monster to those of us who knew
though the cords that bound us to him were so tenuous and few

mother on the other hand could shake you to the core
while the world was crying hold! enough! she always cried for more
so we raised her on a pedestal and showered her with stones
and took delight in flowing blood and brittle snap of bones

a normal childhood then you’d say compared to other folks
a broken home a battlefield and many other jokes
well who am i to question you who never saw us play
in the deepest dark depression at the ending of the day

so thus i grew and suddenly to grasp at man’s estate
though some thought i was early others swore it much too late
but nothing that the world decides will ever weigh me down
as i skip the light fantastic to take up a beggar’s crown

a hint of acclamation is all that i can ask
to aid me through the dying times to measure out my task
and i will pay to each of you the price that you demand
to place yourself irrevocably beneath my sole command

then fire up all the world i say and let us all be free
each to be another because only i am me
would that you could know for just one second of your time
what it means to stand alone behind the bars of rhyme

christmas time

sonny’s wearing mirror shades
while mommy cooks the books
daddy’s preaching to the choir
and giving us rude looks

it must be christmas time again
as anyone can see
that everything once held in trust
no longer comes for free

sister’s taking off her clothes
to please some sad old men
while grandmama is fiddling with
her fiddle now and then

it must be christmas time they say
goodwill and all that crap
the hymns and carols have all gone
replaced by righteous rap

they’re dancing in the courtyards still
and playing to the crowd
the thoughts once thought forbidden
are spoken now aloud

it must be christmas time I’m sure
the trumps have played their song
how could it be another time
when all we knew is wrong