friend, on the occasion of…

by sunovawot and damommza

floating on a mental breeze
i pass above the sunlit seas
planes and ships i see below
each one with their place to go
i have no wish to join those folk
why fix, when i am happy broke
so on i dream, and on i fly
the endless hours passing by
i have no wish for this to end
what better way to meet a friend

floating on a mental breeze
i pass above the sunlit trees
buds and grass i see below
each one with their place to grow
i have no wish to join those oak
why fix, when I’m a happy bloke
so on i dream, in my blue sky
the endless clouds just passing by
and when I finish what I’ve penned
I see him then, there is my friend



by damommza & sunovawot

If I only did
What I normally do
You’d have never met me
I’d have never met you

The poetry biz
Would be quite the flop
We’d use up our ideas
And eventually stop

But now we can bounce
A thought or a tale
A word or a phrase
It never gets stale

And so dear sunny
I leave it to you
To finish this tale
With a nice thought or two

change comes as it must
that none can deny
you change to keep living
or stagnate and die

and really, let’s face it
i’m willing to bet
that neither one of us
wants to die yet


when the baron spoke to me of mischief
the devil made him do it so they say
but i am not a man to follow gossip
so i bade him sit with me and pray

but what of prayer i think to hear you ask me
does it serve a purpose yes or no
can a man persuade the gods to linger
and chart our sacred courses as we go

it’s not a thing that i have pondered often
since all the gods i knew are surely dead
remain upon your knees if that’s what suits you
and i will take my leave and plough ahead

we sat and cursed and cursed and sat for hours
drinking of the finest wines we knew
asking no one’s leave we planned the future
not knowing if our plotting would prove true

for is it not said man must have no master
and woman should be mistress of her self
no more must any person take instruction
except it cost them heart and home and health

so all in all we spoke of this and that thing
examined what we could of what may pass
then giving no more thought to staid convention
determined we were of a better class

and thus we came at last to a decision
everybody’s life was ours to bend
never would we bow our knee to others
and always we would count each other friend

a man… a response

by damommza

“the dark is filled with potholes
and traps and scary things
scaly skins of leather
dark and furry wings

and in the binding stillness
all fear, it grows and grows
there is no place to hunker
through yours veins ice just flows

the spark that you are needing
to pull you from this grave
perhaps will bring you courage and
the freedom that you crave

but I don’t know where to find it
I don’t know where it’s hid
if I had it in my power
your sadness I’d forbid

You may just be a man
of flesh and bone and hope
but if you yell for someone
I’ll throw you down a rope

and pull you from that tunnel
pull you from the gloom
play music that is awful
and dance you ’round your room….”

Long day for a little girl

by sunovawot & damommza

Sarah 16.09.13

it started off so settled
what more can I say
it seemed like any other
ordinary day
but then things took a turn and
suddenly I’m shook
where now am I going
I don’t know where to look
everything is different
a fascinating whirl
but now I think it’s been a
long day for a little girl

she’s lying softly near me
taking in this and that
she’s thinks she loves her brother
but does not love the cat
this little bit of sunshine
so tiny and so meek
has just stolen the cat’s food
even as we speak
she’s 9 lbs of cuteness
that can jump over my head
but for now she’s tired
and just dreaming in my bed…

Upfi (happee birfdae)

teh daez tehy keep on passin
noe mattur hao yoo feel
teh marx taht tehy ar leevin
ar deep adn verry reel
butt yoo ar nott a viktim
of tiem adn itz krool waez
az long az yoo kan enjoi
teh happee-est of birfdaez

Cheezland, on teh occayshun of itz 6munf sellybrayshun

daez adn nietz tehy flo liek water
pas uz bai at tehir own payse
awl wee can do iz drop a markur
hoep taht wee wil leev a trayse

moest tiemz nuffin seemz tu happen
tiemz deeep waterz rush on bai
adn wot seemd of sutch impawtunse
gon in juss a blink of ey

butt evvree nao adn tehn a moemunt
leevz a marker in playn siet
wun taht meenz so mush tu menny
wun taht bringz a troo deeliet

harf a yeer agoe it happund
sumhao sumwun nuffin pland
turnd a fawt intu an akshun
bilt for uz a nyoo Cheezland

soe ai ask taht yoo wil joyn me
rayz owr glassiz sing a toest
tu Prysmakat adn tu Seanya
teh wunz taht Cheezland needid moest


ai juss red taht abikertoo is ill in horspitul so ai roet this for him

let teh lief slied froo yoo
tuchin awl impawtant playsez
cawlin owt itz messij
bildin sollid braysez
tu teh sownd of yoor wurld turnin
adn teh beetin of teh meshur
of awl yoo evver can be
of peese adn peerless pleshur
adn howld it in yoor hanz
wispur tu it sofflee
tihs iz wer ai ar
tihs is wer ai shood be
adn in taht passin moemint
liek teh ringin of a bel
lissun adn yool heer me
az ai stop tu wish yoo wel

happee 2013

tiem runz on adn ai runz wif it
froo teh paffwaez of mai lief
ai haz had mai shayr of momentz
seen teh glawree, taystd strief
butt ai look bak adn if honest
wen ai balanse tihs lass yeer
sum of mai most bestess momentz
caym amungst yoo peeplz heer

happee nyoo yeer tu awl

cumpanee of frenz

tehre ar tiemz taht ai haz livd froo
taht cannawt be deefiend
tehre ar peeplez ai haz spoek wiff
wiff nuffin on tehir mind
tehrez wawlz adn doorz adn fresh holdz
ai haz yet tu cross
ai haz seen mai shayr of winnin
az ai haz suffurd loss
butt tudae it iz a gud dae
noe mattur hao it enz
for ai haz got tu spend tiem
in teh cumpanee of frenz