a poussinboi burfdae pome

annuva yeer, sum wurk, sum plae
haz ernt yoorselph a nyoo burfdae
wii hoep teh burfdae fairy senz
a dae ov fun n food n frenz
if wii wer tehre ai’m shoor yood find
taht awl ov uz wer ov wun mind
weed sing yoor prayzez tu teh skai
butt nun ov uz can sing taht hai


Long day for a little girl

by sunovawot & damommza

Sarah 16.09.13

it started off so settled
what more can I say
it seemed like any other
ordinary day
but then things took a turn and
suddenly I’m shook
where now am I going
I don’t know where to look
everything is different
a fascinating whirl
but now I think it’s been a
long day for a little girl

she’s lying softly near me
taking in this and that
she’s thinks she loves her brother
but does not love the cat
this little bit of sunshine
so tiny and so meek
has just stolen the cat’s food
even as we speak
she’s 9 lbs of cuteness
that can jump over my head
but for now she’s tired
and just dreaming in my bed…

for abt

iz tiem tu seller brayt so
lett teh welkins ring
wii haz tu haz a partee
wer awl kan danse adn sing
happeez wot weer aftur
so eet adn drink adn plae
adn joyn in seller braytin
abt’z burfdae

a Cheezland ballad

by sunovawot & damommza

deddy kaytd tu PK & S

ai kan stil rekawl taht dae
wen wii wer forsd upon owr wae
kommurshullizm at itz moest kra$$
had kum adn bitt uz in teh a$$
wiel teerz wer cryde adn teef wer nashd
at ICHC teh chekz wer cashd
adn wii wer lef wifowt a hoem
sett upon teh ‘net tu roem
adn roem wii did for howz untolld
wif littl hoep adn hartz groen colld
butt sum tehre wer wood nott giv in
hoo pland adn plottd tu beegin
anuvver siet far form teh frae
wer wii cood liv adn laff adn plae
adn thoe at furst nott awl went smoov
tehy stuk teh corse adn moovd teh moov
did awl teh fingz taht peeplz must
wen tehy duzznott sukseed at fu’st
adn thoe it mae seem much to ask
PK & S stuk tu tehir task
until at last tehy mayd tehir stand
adn opend up owr nyoo Cheezland

adn caym teh cheezeez slo slo slo
tehy did nott noe wich wae tu goe
butt in tehir hartz tehy karreed lolz
tu fil teh gapz adn plug teh hoelz
adn hartz wer mended, frendz wer fownd
even tohse hoo’d nott been rownd
teh tee shoppe opend bryte adn sunnee
wif lotz ov tee adn hoem grone hunnee
moer importuntly wii mayd nyoo frendz
so thanx to PK & S nebber enz
tehy gayv uz a playse tu cawl owr own
so nebber agen wil wii haz tu roem
teh nawty barn, teh conga ratz
Cheezland dot org iz wer itz at!

for icha, a beelayted burfdae pome

wot troof iz tihs taht tayks mai paw
adn gydez me tu a passin song
wot lyte wiff in illoominaytz
cood such a luster e’er be rong
hao iz it ai ne’er saw teh lyte
wer wur mai eyz if nott on yoo
tehy mae be layt butt ne’er teh less
mai burfdae wishus stil ring troo
adn lett me nao reech owt a paw
tu drag yoor song tu ubberz lyte
so wun adn awl can stadn, admyre,
adn shayr wif eech tehir glad deelyte

SPs burfdae pome

wurdz ar cheep, ai noe ai got
wot seemz tu be rabber a lot
sum ai yoos wiff bafflin witt
sum miss tehir targetz, ubberz hitt
adn sum ai hord untill ai fynd
a need taht bringz tohse wurdz tu mynd
adn tehn tehrez tehse ai kept tu sae
SP pleez haz a grayt burfdae

tu prysma on hurz burfdae

surten happee tiemz
pop up on okk-ay-shun
surten daez of jolleez
taht mayk lief sush a hoot
tayk tihs wun we haz
heer in owr own Cheezland
a surten prysmakitteh
(wayrin hur burfdae soot)
wot am wee tu sae
tu mark teh sellebrayshun
happee iznt neer eenuff
tu esspress hao we feel
soe tayk awl we can giv
adn beeleev evvreeboddee
iz wishin yoo teh bestess
adn ebbree wish iz reel


damommza and sunovawot

once more safe and sound
on that precious ground
that tells me I am home
nevermore to roam

while sitting in this womb
resplendent as a tomb
and everything I see
is a reflection of me

I have all that I need
I’m happy here, indeed
and should there be a change
it would be rather strange

the world outside me grows
will end up, no one knows
but here, within my hall
I know I have it all

there is no time or place
better than this space
where angels sing my poem
for heaven is my home…

Cheezland, on teh occayshun of itz 6munf sellybrayshun

daez adn nietz tehy flo liek water
pas uz bai at tehir own payse
awl wee can do iz drop a markur
hoep taht wee wil leev a trayse

moest tiemz nuffin seemz tu happen
tiemz deeep waterz rush on bai
adn wot seemd of sutch impawtunse
gon in juss a blink of ey

butt evvree nao adn tehn a moemunt
leevz a marker in playn siet
wun taht meenz so mush tu menny
wun taht bringz a troo deeliet

harf a yeer agoe it happund
sumhao sumwun nuffin pland
turnd a fawt intu an akshun
bilt for uz a nyoo Cheezland

soe ai ask taht yoo wil joyn me
rayz owr glassiz sing a toest
tu Prysmakat adn tu Seanya
teh wunz taht Cheezland needid moest

happee 2013

tiem runz on adn ai runz wif it
froo teh paffwaez of mai lief
ai haz had mai shayr of momentz
seen teh glawree, taystd strief
butt ai look bak adn if honest
wen ai balanse tihs lass yeer
sum of mai most bestess momentz
caym amungst yoo peeplz heer

happee nyoo yeer tu awl