we go now into battle folks
with truth upon our side
they may have the armoury
but we have got our pride
and I will stand four-square behind
as off to war you hie
for my job is the rhetoric
and yours to fight and die



troolee in tiemz tu cum
storeez wil be told
of hao tihs caym tu be
adn of tohse kittehz bold
hoo furstly mayd tehre wae
brayv lee hand in hand
in tu tihs preshuss playse
in tu tihs nyoo Cheezland
adn of PK & S
hoo wif noe fret or fuss
tuuk on teh my tee webz
tu bild it juss for us


oh you are as evil as evil ever was he said
I could see you dancing with the devil in the night
never have I met a soul with as little worth to it
once I would have run from you but now I’m here to fight

I took a step toward him trying not to laugh out loud
you really are a fool I said to come here on your own
nobody with commonsense would come without an army
but here you stand before me unarmoured and alone

my armour is my Lord he said I have no need of armies
I can stand against you for I fight for all that’s good
I admit I couldn’t help it at that I started laughing
and didn’t stop ’til after I cut him down where he stood

costumes worn

they were costumes yet we wore them
like they were our own skin
and despites their lack of substance
they would hide our cursèd sin
as we came in through the darkness
our weapons waving high
signalling our intentions
to our foe and to the sky
where the gods hide in their heavens
taking praise yet giving nought
and they wonder why we never
give them but a thought
and the clash and ring of steel
as our two sides finally met
was the sweetest piece of music
that none there would forget
and for those of us who came
through the carnage hale and whole
we knew that we were blessèd
for achieving our stated goal
there is nothing in this life that
tastes better than to win
and if all it takes to taste it
is a little mortal sin
then what is sin to a man of standing
one who cares not for any gods
one who’s happy to roll the dice
regardless of the odds

for villow

shallow breaths and swearing
I can get this done
the weight may be soul crushing
it’ll never pass for fun
but somehow I will manage
the rigours of the day
I’ve never yet been beaten and
that’s how it gonna stay

there are so many reasons
why I could still be lost
but sometimes you must fight on
regardless of the cost
I’ve not yet reached my limit
though it’s been close I know
each time that I get knocked down
I’ll get back up and go


suited to the magic moments entropy then not a lie
push all thoughts of living slowly to the place where ideas die
i will call on you in passing, read the weather from your face
save your soul, you may yet need it, if you wish to access grace
force is never not the answer when it comes to who we are
leather clad, and looking feral, each of us must bear the scar
character should not be argued unless you’ve seen the masterplan
many times i took the wrong fork to avoid my fellow man
and i have this here for you a tiny piece of what we made
wear it soft and treat it gently lest it’s message start to fade
you can look to see how we fought and you hope it left no trace
costumes worn when we were younger would not fit now, in any case
so we’ll take a quiet morning, just to get our stories straight
then we’ll bow to all those watching, as they tell us we were great

scarlet eyes

scarlet eyes and dripping smiles
i could eat you like a peach
set before me and behind me
and i’ll take a peck of each
back into my arms and quiver
take a moment not to think
out before the walls of heaven
i can feel your spirit sink
salivating for my master
merits worn upon my cap
i will ask and be forgiven
and i’ll curl up on your lap
all the powers i’ve been granted
all the words you never spoke
i will join you in your exile
to perform my masterstroke
nothing ever was that simple
in the days that people cared
fortunes spent on our appearance
should those fortunes have been shared
walk the last few steps together
gather at the edge and sing
why should i return in glory
when you gave me not a thing

and are there wonders still, a sequel

by damommza & sunovawot

the Child

some years after my birth
I have come back to see
who, on that fateful day
came out to rescue me

I do not remember
the details of that night
or how my mother came
and took me straight to flight

I only know the praise
my mother gave to him
who found a dragon’s egg
and went out on a limb

to nurture for a time
that tiny life within
then hold me with such care
and let my life begin

I have flown great distance
fulfilled my mum’s request
to bring you this token
and with it you’ll be blessed

the man

i am just a shadow
no matter how i seem
cursed to life unchanging
by some Dragon’s dream

i wandered all alone
through centuries untold
in search of the Dragon
but not, for me, it’s gold

just for one magic spell
i undertook this quest
lift from me this burden
so i at last can rest

at last i came back here
to where it all began
where the Dragon cursed me
and made me more than man

the Child

I have brought Mother’s gift
it rides upon my breath
let Me this once kiss you
no more you’ll search for death

the Man

the weight of years dissolves
and oh! how my heart sings
when I for the first time
unfold my golden wings

the seed

i took a mighty monstrous leap
found myself crumpled in a heap
no longer could i evade sleep
another wasted day

i found myself ‘neath skies of grey
and having nothing left to say
i stood and said it anyway
and every word was true

i shared my thoughts with others who
i hoped would know just what to do
but they were useless just like you
of course you don’t agree

the answer when it came to me
caused me to caper round with glee
with this we could be truly free
or so the omens read

and so i rested my sweet head
while all the pointless words were said
to mollify the restless dead
no further would they go

and thus it was that even though
i’d nothing but a seed to show
yet from that seed a world would grow
where we could embrace peace

the task

i marvelled at my brilliance that lit the way ahead
convinced i had the answers, no matter what you said
our arguments had raged on through all the ages of the earth
i stood my ground undaunted, fought for all that i was worth
customs change but people don’t, of that you can be sure
they’ll take all that they’re given and try to grab some more
but i am not afraid of them, no matter how it seems
nothing is worth nothing and the rest are merely dreams
and dream a formless  memory that’s dressed up like a ghost
but even with my eyes shut i can still see more than most
and i have faced down nightmares that could lacerate your soul
there’s nothing beneath heaven that could keep me from my goal
i’ve walked through every yard of hell to get me here today
and soon as i have caught my breath i’m back upon my way
and just what is the point of this i still can hear you ask
what becomes of you and i when you’ve fulfilled your task
and here at last i must admit the future is not writ
i can only hope and pray there’s room for us in it