a lolloween pome

juss az teh niet iz fawlin
froo teh grass ai see it crawlin
crawlin crawlin littul monstur in teh shadoez of teh niet
adn mai hart beginz tu stutta
az ai heerz it mutta mutta
adn mai legz woent tayk mii hoemward tehy am parruliezd wif friet

adn it reellee iz a pitteh
wen ai’z juss a littul kitteh
adn mai sharp enz ar tuu tynee tu giv a flee a scrach
wot tehn can ai dooin
tu excayp teh surten rooin
taht iz kummin creepin crawlin froo the greenee grassee pach

so ai cawl owt for mai muvva
butt awl ai see iz yet annuva
annuva creepin crawler in teh dizmal dreeree dark
so ai pull mai self tugevva
adn trai tu wurk owt wevva
tehrez ennyway tu get away wivvowt a singul mark

butt wotz teh yoose in tryin
ai noe taht ai ar lyin
wen ai attemt tu tel mai self taht ai wil be awlriet
teh ownlee hoep beefor mii
taht teh monsturz wil ignor mii
tehn fro mai self upon teh tendur mur sees ov teh niet

butt holt it juss wun sekkund
it seemz ai hazznt rekkund
teh monsturz may be juss az skayrd az ai iz feelin tu
maybe if wiiz huddl
in a kitteh monstur muddl
tehn wii awl can mannij tu lass teh hoel niet froo


dark descends

the dark descends and you and I
are sat alone ‘neath lowering sky
we listen as the wild wind sings
and wait in dread for what it brings
what evil fetch from netherworld
will be upon our persons hurled
what monster from the howling deep
would rend us should we dare to sleep
oh we could cry and pray aloud
for angel dressed in armour proud
who’d stand his ground with sword in hand
and guard with grace this precious land
but nought will come to cry or prayer
our words are lost in storm tossed air
and we must fall back on such might
that will protect us through the night
the bargain will be made in fear
for death or worse is coming near
and if the cost is much to pay
that waits upon another day
survival now our only goal
what matters if it cost our soul


Suzi go wandering deep in the night
Suzi can see fine, she don’t need a light
and if she should meet you it’ll be her delight
to get together and share a quick bite

Suzi go hunting when night’s overcast
when shadows are deep and hunger is vast
and lord when you meet her, that night is your last
but Suzi don’t care none, she’s havin’ a blast

Suzi, they tell you, is all in your mind
she never existed, nor yet her kind
so they’ll never notice her creep up behind
Suzi just loves the ones who are blind

the creeper

by damommza & sunovawot

it came slowly creeping
while I was sleeping
and watched without making a sound

it wondered in silence
and in defiance
if the earth was where I was bound

it came with a thought
not to get caught
but intended to make me its prey

it slithered and slunk
crawled up my bunk
and tried to take me away

I quickly awoke
tried not to choke
as it dragged me out of my bed

and shaking with fright
I held on tight
and offered it my brother instead

shadows and shudders

shadows and shudders, step into the light
for ghosts are abroad on a broad winter’s night
there to be seen by those with the sight
and the devil is playing his tune
murder and mayhem are yours for a jest
held in your heart is there hope for the best
at least for yourself if not for the rest
of those who are caught ‘neath the moon

cry out for courage as demons abound
muscles dissolve and you drop to the ground
surely somewhere succour will be found
your guardian angel has flown
death and destruction, we all know the score
if we are not there we have been there before
but here I am hiding behind bolted door
and you are all on your own

I never got to ask

tripping light and trembling
I shuddered to a halt
I took the blame for everything
though none of it my fault

he drew a gnarly pentagram
encompassing us all
so I asked him very carefully
which demons would he call

he spoke as in a rapture
and named some mother’s son
a piece of misdirection
we never saw the gun

yet it went off so quickly
I didn’t heard a sound
but for some unknown reason
I was lying on the ground

and I saw him smile that smile
that lovers know and dread
and I never got to ask him
why he shot me dead


Gracie what a gag, what a laugh, what a game
let me get my breath back, then let’s do it again
they never saw us coming, the shock of their lives
oh, but Gracie you’re an artist with your little knives

moon: a poem in two parts

part 1 by sunovawot

abroad in the light of a strangler’s moon
crazy some say, but my time’s coming soon
I can taste the surge of evil all around
thoughts take flight as bodies hit the ground
but it’s late, yes it’s late, though the moon’s still there
spreading lunacy on the cool night air

part 2 by damommza

When night is gone
and day is bright
I awake to
a horrid sight

6 fresh dug graves
somehow appeared
and there’s fresh dirt
ground in my beard

those damn neighbors
that noisy crowd
will never blast
Youtube so loud


old friends?

is there any reason I should know you
did we meet somewhere and I forget
if not perhaps you could just inform me
why you have me trapped inside this net

did we spend a summer day together
drinking wine and lazing in the sun
if I said something wrong then I’m sorry
now would you kindly put away the gun

tell me did I ever hurt or treat you bad
if I did I know perhaps I ought to pay
but the past is dead we should be moving on
and I’d rather not be burnt alive today


if i can keep on screaming will it push these walls away
if i hurt myself enough will these games end
if i hide behind the stories that scramble in my brain
will you stop pretending you’re my friend
i don’t believe in happy and i don’t believe in you
there must be something that i’ve got you really need
there will come a time when you tear it from my corpse
but while we’re waiting you can watch me bleed