animals 2

These verses were written, by invitation, in the comments for, and in response to, the poem “animals”, ( ). Each verse is preceded by it’s author’s name.


the octropuss will rob you
’tis very sad but true
he’ll pick your pockets with 8 arms
then lock you in the loo!


the spryder is joker but
be sure to bear in mind
while you’re watching one hand
seven will rob you blind


and what about the ahhhcelot?
laying there so regal
he’ll trick you in to signing stuff
and make sure that it’s legal!


the saddest of the animals
the woolly mammoth is, I fear
no one had the heart to tell him
he’s no longer here…


The Hamshur really doesn’t mind
Running errands big and small
Just don’t tell them that the wheel
Doesn’t go anywhere at all!


the hamsher’s friend the gurbil
comes following right after
meanwhile the cookieburra
is rollin’ round with laughter


Whot mite a Dodo have dun dun?
It cud hav bean reeli fun fun.
But we’ll nevver reeli kno kno, kid
Coz the Dodo is now a Did Did !!


teh dick-dick does a dans-dans
teh eye-eye says noe-noe
butt offer it sum martooniez
adn wotch teh eye-eye go-go

Any further verses will be gratefully recieved.