damommza and sunovawot

shadows grow longer as bright embers fly
all thoughts float up to a dark, moonless sky

while deep sorrow fills my lungs just like dust,
I once had your love, you once had my trust.

like a blind moth drawn to a flameless wick
while my love was bad, your passion was sick

a sickness you hid with meticulous care
that served to do nothing but bring me despair

I gave and you took until I was near spent
a vagrant lost soul in a maze of torment

so sit here and listen to my story of woe
then shake off the shivers and carelessly go



Brangwyn sang the pretty songs
the ones I wrote for her alone
for every verse of mine she sang
she’d sing another of her own

she sang of love and of desire
sang of beauty ‘neath the skin
of how one kept the other out
and how one let the lover in

Brangwyn sang with all her might
and how I loved to hear the sound
but Brangwyn left me not by choice
to sleep forever in the ground

Brangwyn sang the pretty songs
and I would sing in harmony
now my voice is cracked and broken
who will sing my songs with me


I sit upon this bench and watch
the people walking by
I sit and think of what we had
before you said goodbye
once upon a time I stood
so handsome and so tall
and only moments did it take
for you to make me crawl
I begged you for another chance
down on my bended knee
but in your eyes indifference
is all that I could see


by damommza & sunovawot

How cold and lonesome is the night
with stars that never meet
yet all watch Cassiopeia
as she reclines upon her seat

and burning bright the stars will wait
for eternity to unfold
then burn themselves out, one by one
spinning blackness from their gold

but yet we see them, so long gone
their light still travels onward
like the love you took from me
after my soul was conquered

the light once seen, the heat once felt
both gone beyond our ken
and I am left a man alone
lost to my fellow men

what stories could the night skies tell
if only they would deign
the spark crushed out, the death of love
the tears that fell like rain

I have no need to view the skies
those bright orbs have no power
to cast illumination on
this cold and lonesome hour


by damommza & sunovawot

I need a damper In my soul, to control the flow
of ash and soot and breaking glass
and tearful winds that blow

great howling of my midnight cries that fill my tiny room
the anguish that my heart lets in
hot anger, that’s my tomb

but if the damper opens wide and lets some heat go out
will you come back and close the door
if I swear I won’t shout

or perhaps I’ll need no dampers where my heart is sure to go
the storm-clad wilds of winter
that are all I’ll ever know

no engine will provide me heat when all around’s ice-blue
and all I have is memories
of summer and of you

go on now

I counted up my tears today
the price that I have had to pay
and I think I have paid enough
so fetch your bags and pack your stuff
your clothes, your discs, your games and toys
the snarky voice you know annoys
take it all, and yourself too
before I try to throttle you
but don’t forget to leave your key
“I Will Survive” just isn’t me


the wounds that I have suffered and tears that I have shed
every time you touched me there were voices in my head
speaking to me softly telling me our time was done
to pack my bags and say goodbye and head off at a run
but you, you were too much for me, I never could break free
the chains that you had bound me with meant I could never flee
so in the end I took the only road to freedom I could find
dived into the Lethe and swam right out my mind

alone again (inevitably)

my muscles made of rubber
my bones are made of teak
I haven’t got a lover
’cause she disappeared last week
she took a plane to anywhere
a place I’ve never been
singing as she left me
a lyric quite obscene
I’ve taken quite a bit from her
some she chose to give
but now she’s taken everything
how’m I supposed to live
well what the heck, I’ve had enough
this time she’s gone too far
if anybody wants me
they’ll find me in the bar


curse the broken heart that carried me beyond the line
once upon a time, you know, that story wasn’t mine
the lights that burn behind me throw my shade along the way
and once again I close my eye, and silently I pray
I pray that you will turn around and see that you were wrong
I pray that you will come to me and sing your sweet love song
I pray for many different things that I will never see
but most of all I pray you burn for what you did to me


Viennese waltzes and the sound of babies crying
sadness enters slowly, pulls up an easy chair
I can feel the terror in the dark of night descending
I could tell you stories, but man you were not there

later you were seen in the heart of the city
messengers were flying to tell me of your plight
cold, I am cold and desperately unknowing
all alone and grieving for the dying of the light

stop me if you can, put an end to the questions
let there be no torment in the places where I live
I will never know why you left when you did so
I don’t need a reason before I can forgive