memories and dust

i am old but i am golden
though not ripped nor am i rad
i’m not the greatest lover
that anybody had
but i’m happy where i’m sitting
as i watch the world go by
if my thoughts turn oft to sadness
i am not afraid to cry
it’s not a life that many
would swap for their own
and the paths that i have trodden
have meant i walk alone
but each life has it’s moments
and mine is just the same
i’ve had my share of plaudits
and my fair share of blame
and when the final bill comes
i’ll pay it as i must
and all i’ll leave behind me
just memories and dust



damommza and sunovawot

once more safe and sound
on that precious ground
that tells me I am home
nevermore to roam

while sitting in this womb
resplendent as a tomb
and everything I see
is a reflection of me

I have all that I need
I’m happy here, indeed
and should there be a change
it would be rather strange

the world outside me grows
will end up, no one knows
but here, within my hall
I know I have it all

there is no time or place
better than this space
where angels sing my poem
for heaven is my home…

tru wormth

sush moemintz we shood sit adn rest
noe need tu rush or chayse teh dae
a cup of tee a biet of caek
adn wotsh teh kittehz at tehre plae

sush tiemz ar fyoo adn muss be grasspd
adn held cloes tu owr beetin hartz
tehy ar a gift mor preshuss for
tu forj tehm iz beyond owr artz

sush daez ar sent tu bring uz eese
adn lett teh wurld arownd uz floe
we haz it awl, awl we cood need
in heer tru wormth adn owt tehre snoe


sittin on a leef mai dae is mayd of peese and sun
ai settul bak adn wotch teh littul kreechurz on teh run
ai cood do teh saym az tehm adn dash abowt adn chayse
butt ai wood rabber lai heer wif teh sun upon mai fayse
wai nott cum adn join me tehrez ruum for moer tu lae
adn fink of awl tohse menny fingz taht woent get dun tudae
adn az teh eebnin fawlz weel hab a glass of beer or wien
adn sae tu wun anuvver taht tihs dae haz wurkd owt fien

two kinds of sleep

Due to a mistake on my part I originally credited a second verse to damommza that she was quoting, not claiming as her own. I apologize for any false imperessions that attribution gave.
As this blog is all original work I decided to remove the quoted verse rather than just alter the attribution.


and if all cares with gentle hand
were cast into the dying light
and peace lay on this verdant land
could I at last embrace the night
for light doth fade before my eyes
my thoughts repose in sable deep
can I then broach my heart’s goodbyes
and court the hours I must sleep


heer ai ar seekin repoze adn
waytin on liefz woez tu seese
ai can haz a perfikk lief if
ai cood ownlee haz sum peese

ai wil nott hang on tu hartayk
awl mai sorroze ai releese
ai noe ai can fynd satori
awl ai needz a likkl Peese

tayk a deep breff tehn anuzzer
sloe adn shoor tenshuns deecreese
WIL yoo shut taht bluddee rakket
juss for wonse giv me sum PEESE

day’s end

a winter’s eve
cloud bitten moon
shadows crawl unremarked
carnivore’s breath plumes
prey freezes
smoke from chimney rises
owl glides
dog barks
door shuts
i am home

the seasons haiku part 2

by damommza & sunovawot

On my feet, fall leaves
crunchy, broken, amber, gold
but where does it go?

winter blankets all
corpses of ash, oak and beech
naked to my eyes

the seasons part 2

by damommza & sunovawot

Beneath my feet, crunchy, broken,
yellow, amber, gold
fall leaves
but where does it go?

Blankets of pristine, unspoilt
so white, snow white,
winter kills
the corpses remain!