friend, on the occasion of…

by sunovawot and damommza

floating on a mental breeze
i pass above the sunlit seas
planes and ships i see below
each one with their place to go
i have no wish to join those folk
why fix, when i am happy broke
so on i dream, and on i fly
the endless hours passing by
i have no wish for this to end
what better way to meet a friend

floating on a mental breeze
i pass above the sunlit trees
buds and grass i see below
each one with their place to grow
i have no wish to join those oak
why fix, when I’m a happy bloke
so on i dream, in my blue sky
the endless clouds just passing by
and when I finish what I’ve penned
I see him then, there is my friend


happy burfdae, pb

yoor gettin owlder dae lee
iz sad perhapz butt troo
tho teh yeerz ar mowntin
it shoodnt mayk yoo bloo
ayj iz juss a numbur adn
tehrez no cawz for regret
wer yoor yeerz litely coz
yoo’v not reechd yoor peek yet

for WRr and family

the grief that I now feel is hereditary
I know that you too felt it in the past
but one of things I learnt from you in growing
is that like everything, this too won’t last
I know someday that memory will comfort
instead of causing me to stop and cry
until then I’ll hold myself together
and promise that my love will never die
and when at last it’s my turn to be leaving
I hope my loved ones will not feel such pain
for ahead of us I know there will be waiting
the meadow where we’ll meet up once again

for CMJ and family

time takes its share and much much more
and leaves the rest to grieve
for all the things that never were
and the love that had to leave

a love we held so close at hand
that served to light the way
through broken dreams and broken hearts
the rigours of the day

and how I yearn to feel the past
to talk with you once more
reclaim the balance we once had
be as we were before

yet nothing can be as it was
when all we had was new
there can be nothing this I know
to take the place of you

but time can not be held in spite
despite its cruelest blow
one day we’ll meet again to bring
a surcease to our woe

for BF adn Tucker

teh tiemz taht ai recawl
tohse sweet ungarded momentz
teh liftin ov mai hart
teh tuchin ov mai soel

let mii cloez mai eyz
gayz intu mai myndz mirror
tu see reflektd tehre
teh lub taht woz yor gift

let teh clok tik on
teh vastness ov teh futuer
iz moer tahn ai can manayj
tuu much tu fayse aloen

ordinerry daez
tehy wer awl ai needed
juss tu haz yoo heer
woz awl teh wurld tu mii

let teh teerz flo
teh river ov mai sadness
teh depth ov mai desier
tu be wiff yoo aygen

sayv for mii a playse
sumwer in teh meddo
wer wii can rest tugevver
wen wii ar won wonse moer

for 4.5k adn Teddy adn fambly

teh wurdz hang hevvy rownd mai hed
iz lief no moor? iz awl hoep ded?
ar tehre moer teerz taht need be shed?
adn wer ar yoo mai deer?

adn tu teh wurld a hartbork crai
ai cannot stand aloen, nott ai
teh lub ai feel it cannot dai
adn yoo muss stil be neer

wot cumfort iz tehre leff for mii
butt taht sumwer yoo stil muss bee
for in teh meddo yoo run free
taht mush tu mii iz cleer

CMiWY adn Hobbes adn fambly

teh roedz wii wawkd tugebber
ar gon nao form mai siet
teh daez of lub adn cumfurt
ar lost wiffin teh niet
adn awl taht yoo wunse gayv mii
ai can no longur feel
teh trooth taht yoo wer tu mii
no longur seemz so reel
butt tho mai teerz ar fawlin
tehrez nuffin tu be sed
sept ai no ai hazznt lost yoo
yoov ownlee gon ahed

Angel for PK adn Jackie.Elle adn teh kittehs

a lief mae last a minnit
or last for menny yeerz
eever wae teh ending
iz markd bai lubbin teerz

ai noe yoo had tu leev mii
tho ai wood haz yoo stae
teh payn ov tihs sad partin
wil nebber goe awae

adn tho ai bayr tihs hartayk
ai’l seek nott tu complayn
for ai must cownt az blessing
an ending tu yoor payn

adn ai wil tayk such cumfurt
form fambilly adn frenz
az tehy can offur tu mii
til owr seppurrayshun enz

Judi (ex CMiWY)

teh howrz wil tumbul
teh daez wil rush past
awl wii can hoep iz
teh bess wunz wil last
adn giv uz a moemint
tu stadn up adn sae
cum let uz honur
Judi’z burfdae

for MamaCat, Casper adn famblee

lief kan nott bii crool
tahtz teh job ov peepul
lief iz wot it iz
so yoo tayhk it az it cumz

adn yet ai feel teh loss
ov yoo adn yoor sweet lubbin
taykun much tuu suun
at such a hevvee cost

butt yoo muss tayk yoor rest
tu wayt teh weelz turnin
adn hao can ai beegrujj yoo
a wawk beesied teh wind

adn eeben thoe it seemz
at tiemz ai kannot bayr it
mai strenf iz in teh lubbin
adn teh memmurreez yoo leev