The Ballad of Debra’s Fridge

by sunovawot & damommza

I come by rail or road or bridge
I come to fix damommza’s fridge
but hold! for in my naked haste
my trip turns out to be a waste
it seems I haven’t got the part
so once again back to the start
and should the part at last arrive
once more I’ll brave that awful drive
to work my mechanic magic tricks
and finally the fridge to fix

He did not come, it was a lie
and once again, I’m fit to fry
my tiny fridge, it cannot store
not one single item more
I want to make the Indian curry
but this repairman is in no hurry
the part is here, but he is not
he’s got some awful, coughful, rot
he claims they’ll send another chap
who’ll brave the road and all that crap
to finally arrive at my front door
and say “It can be fixed no more”