my love is all i have to hold
your words may touch the edge of it
but don’t assume that your belief
will reach into the heart of it

if all you have’s an easy phrase
to offer to my beggared heart
then don’t i beg you share your faith
a thing of which i hold no part


a halloween love song

bring my billy home she cried
don’t take my love from me
and though i heard her plaintive cry
still was i lost at sea

a sennight since the storm blew up
and dragged us to our grave
my spirit stands outwith her door
and begs my love be brave

you will not see my eyes of blue
nor yet my golden hair
they were lost beneath the waves
to Davy Jones’s care

you will not feel my gentle hand
or taste my lover’s kiss
for i am done with all such things
that once gave me such bliss

but when the wind blows high and hard
then will i come to thee
to bring you to a couch beside
the one reserved for me

and we shall rest forever more
where mankind’s eyes are blind
and there we’ll take such comfort as
our corpses yet may find


az ai sit adn contemplayt tehm
teh frenshipz ai haz lost
teh daez adn nietz of mornin
taht eech such partin cost
ai can luuk bak throo teh memreez
sum paynful uvverz sweet
adn cownt eech wun a blessin
awl viktree noe defeet
adn ai can tel teh wurld tu
lern for tehir soelz sayks
wun dae of luvvin frendship
iz wurf a milly-un hartayks


Brangwyn sang the pretty songs
the ones I wrote for her alone
for every verse of mine she sang
she’d sing another of her own

she sang of love and of desire
sang of beauty ‘neath the skin
of how one kept the other out
and how one let the lover in

Brangwyn sang with all her might
and how I loved to hear the sound
but Brangwyn left me not by choice
to sleep forever in the ground

Brangwyn sang the pretty songs
and I would sing in harmony
now my voice is cracked and broken
who will sing my songs with me



the dripping the dripping the dripping won’t stop
it soon fills my head and I must get a mop
it’s leaking it’s leaking its hitting the floor
biting my heels, I run for the door
the wild wind is biting and clawing my face
but the dripping the dripping soon picks up the pace
I run and I run till my feet hit the splash
reality splinters, I’m starting to crash
with a feeling of calm I just lay back and float
and bang my head there on the tip of a boat
I sling myself over, my fingers are dull
the dripping the dripping is filling the hull
I look in the water, there are faces below
of those who gave up and just went with the flow
I’m eager to join them I’m eager to stay
how does one keep all this water at bay?


let the water drip I say
I have no strength to fight today
nor have I will to take a stand
against the drowning of the land

it’s true that once upon a time
I strove to draw some kind of line
a limit plain for all to know
so far no further will I go

but age has worn the spirit down
that once would stand and fight his ground
all that’s left is what you see
a broken husk that was once me

Serena still

by sunovawot & damommza

How can it be
my heart still cries
for one more look
into those eyes

how can it be
that I still find
that thoughts of you
can fill my mind

how can it be
though you are gone
my love for you
still lingers on

It still can be
I have to say
to think of her
most every day

It still can be
to feel her weight
upon my pillow
when it is late

It still can be
to call her name
a silent house
is not the same

It still can be
with those I’ve lost
that all the tears
are worth the cost…


I can see where you are going
and with whom and how and why
but I cannot go there with you
any more than I can fly
I must hold myself together
I must plan each careful move
for the song will be a nonsense
if the needle skips the groove
and though I love you madly
and my heart is in your hands
there’s no way on this world that
I could obey your soft commands.
so I’ll wave to you in passing
and sing out mournful songs
as the day bleeds into night time
and I total up our wrongs
was it me that held you back love
was it you that killed my pride
did I ever give you reason
to feel the need to hide
is there nothing I can give you
though it costs the moon and sun
that will bring you back to me when
your heart is saying run

love story

I loved him when the sun stood high
and when the moon was in the sky
I loved him with a love so true
I cannot speak its depth to you
I loved him when he held me tight
he was my heart and my delight
I loved him with a passion’s flame
oh you would have done just the same
I loved him more with every breath
and swore I’d love him ’til my death
I loved him so the stories say
but that was on another day


shadows take us haunting when the moon is in your eyes
and sad and sallow creatures beguile us with their lies
who would take a summer’s night and hold it in their hand
would find the weird and wonderful lie far beyond command

and summer love is you and I and all the myriad here
dressed in dark disguises and caparisoned with fear
we feel the night time flowing though we have no hope to hold
our souls have been discarded and our futures have been sold

but come with me my pretty one and rest your weary bones
upon a bed of marble a pillow made of stones
we’ll play no more as dilettantes the time for that has gone
the world welcomes disaster though our memory lingers on


I couldn’t be what you wanted of me
I couldn’t follow the thread
all I could do was trail after you
and pretend to myself I was dead

there were times I would rail and my cornering fail
as I danced to the music you played
and each little flaw was a foot in the door
another false step I had made

yet what is a man if he has not a plan
and what good is love to a jerk
when everything’s lost at too high a cost
and nothing he tries seems to work

lord you could ask or take me to task
why did I let it begin
when each little word never meant to be heard
would scratch like a nail on my skin

so here I will stay as my life slides away
and all that is left is my pain
and though I cry out there can be no doubt
I would do it all over again