if I pull you from the trap in which I see you fell
would you then be grateful, I don’t think that I can tell
for it seems to me that some are happy in the hole
all decisions made for them, no mind or heart or soul
needed when you’re caught within the boundaries of the snare
but let me not be so unkind, you after all might care
when some of us are trodden down by those who seek to rule
told that they must know their place or be branded as a fool
denied a say in how they live, who they may love or what
they may be allowed to learn, and all those things they’re not
then take a risk and stand your ground with others who would fight
for only stood together will we be able to prevent this plight
but if you find this frightening my advice is then
get down on your knees once more, crawl back into the pen



heer ai ar seekin repoze adn
waytin on liefz woez tu seese
ai can haz a perfikk lief if
ai cood ownlee haz sum peese

ai wil nott hang on tu hartayk
awl mai sorroze ai releese
ai noe ai can fynd satori
awl ai needz a likkl Peese

tayk a deep breff tehn anuzzer
sloe adn shoor tenshuns deecreese
WIL yoo shut taht bluddee rakket
juss for wonse giv me sum PEESE

sitt me daon

sitt me daon adn tel me storeez
of teh wae fingz yoost tu be
wen we cood cum adn plae on lolcatz
wile remaynin Faysbuk freee

tel me of teh fun we had tehn
weer nott seflish butt ai doent fink
taht lolcatz wil be improovd bai
addin in a Faysbuk link

nawt sekkund poestd on teh Cheez Town Cryer* on teh dae of teh Grayt Faysbuk Stryke