when it’s my turn to hurt you
bring you to your knees
I swear I won’t listen
to any of your pleas
’cause you played like a monster
when it was your turn
so get ready darling
to burn burn burn



by damommza & sunovawot

the fires burnt so brightly
making ashes of my life
your painful words and looks cut
through my heart like a knife

I ripped apart your words and
threw them in to the flame
you lied and cast aspersions
but never took the blame

the blame that you had coming
for the evil you had wrought
and someone had to pay for
the misery you brought

well I am not a judge but
it seemed the need was dire
and contemplation told me
the answer lay in fire

so when the stove was ready
and coals were glowing bright
I wedged your body in there
then fled into the night

never, never, never

I rode into town with a deadly plan
never, never, never in the morning
to rob the bank and kill me a man
never, never, never in the morning
I needed gold for I’m dreadful poor
never, never, never in the morning
and the man had to die ’cause he killed my pa
never, never, never in the morning
now I robbed the bank with nary a shot
never, never, never in the morning
and I searched for the man with my temper hot
never, never, never in the morning
I found my man hid down by the creek
never, never, never in the morning
I said “You’re gonna die” in a voice so bleak
never, never, never in the morning
he went for his gun but I got mine first
never, never, never in the morning
and the bullets flew as I did my worst
never, never, never in the morning
they caught me then and threw me in gaol
never, never, never in the morning
nary a chance of getting bail
never, never, never in the morning
they took me to court where the judge did say
never, never, never in the morning
“We’re gonna hang you, son, at the break of day,
just this once in the morning”


you swore you’d curse me into hell
I ain’t gone yet as you can see
what happened, you forget the spell?
’til you recall, then I’m still free

free to play by my own rules
not those you’d choose for me to play
I’m not one of those simple fools
who cares one iota what you say

I don’t believe in spell or curse
I’ve seen too much and lived too long
one day I’ll ride inside a hearse
but you’ll not sing my funeral song!


a sallow smile
a bloodless grin
your face is pale
and drawn and thin
through tearshot eyes
you strive to see
what point to try
you can’t break free
a heartfelt call
you seek a friend
if none reply
you can pretend
as once did i
when you had me
and how i prayed
then to be free
it’s your turn now
the end is near
and you know what
it is to fear

Skating on Thin Ice!

by damommza

as I lace up my skates I think
the ice sure looks nice
I never really knew you were
skating on thin ice

My skates are very sharp and they
make a scratching sound
I wonder if the note I left
for you has been found

I’m skating and light headed as
I whirl on the rink
if you saw me now I wonder
oh, what would you think?

I heard the message that was left
by her on your phone
you were supposed to hear it but
when you were alone

At first I was so startled that
she called you her man
but that’s when I began to hatch
what would be my plan

first the bank, to take all our funds
that will be my pay
the dog’s are at your mother’s and
I am far away


by damommza & sunovawot

whose bones are these
they cannot say
washed white by waves
bleached by the sun

whose voice once laughed
who danced and sang
whose life on earth
was not yet done

half buried down
where water’s still
and prying eyes
will never run

someone awaits
to be released
revenge is sweet
I’ll have my fun

one silent voice
in darkest night
and I’m released
the grave undone

and what for me
beyond that point
have I a plan
when freedom’s won

on wind I’ll fly
wrapped in my rage
and through the night
my senses run

and I will know
him by his fear
when I can taste
all that he’s done

he swore me joy
he swore me love
he swore summer
then stole the sun

a one act play
that was my life
yet so much more
I could have done

and this I swear
before I’m through
he’s bound for Hell
where e’er he run

the breakdown?

by damommza & sunovawot


i’ve even broken promises i haven’t made as yet
i’ve treated you like dirt and i’m praying you forget
all the petty tyranies i’ve held back just for you
for if you don’t come back i don’t know what i’ll do
i’m sitting feeling sorrier than i’ve ever been before
how dare you pack your bags and walk right out that door
when i told you sorry that should have been enough
it always was before but it seems you’re getting tough
oh well if i give up shaving and keep on the same clothes
and turn up on your doorstep carrying a red rose
and tell you that without you i’m permanently lost
i’ll have you back in purdah for virtually no cost


You think it is so easy
to take you at your word?
a bastard like you have been
I’ve never said a word
you’ve cheated and you’ve stolen
but I’ve stayed by your side
you swear you never did it
then I find out you lied
so you can beg and grovel
and never change your clothes
and crawl around in refuse
I’d lead you by the nose
and looking at our his’try

Alternative 1

you always were a bum
I’d like to end this story
the same way it begun
the first time that I saw you
your smile shined bright like chrome
I loved you from that moment
and now I’m coming home


Alternative 2

you always were a bum
if you think it’ll be easy
your troubles have just begun
I’ve slashed all of your tires
poured bleach on all your clothes
your books are in the fires
your photos, heaven knows
and now that I am finished
I’d like to say goodbye
you could have saved our love but
you didn’t really try

Frozen… again

by villow

In the light of the embers I sit and I look
at her face in the fragile glass frame,
And the drink in the glass just empowers the lass
to reproach me the curse of my shame…
A knock on the door, and who could that be
in the grey of this cold, freezing dawn?
I’ll go see … and beseech him or her to leave me
to my orgy of horror alone.
Onto my doorstep creeps a haggard old lad
With a bundle of rags in his hand
“She’s gone!” comes his groan, “she’s not there,” and he moans
And holds out a small pouch of gold sand.
And the fear in my heart moves to terror and grief
as I realize the truth of the thing:
the sand that now flows through my fingers I know
is the dust of her engagement ring.
Betrayal of love is the worst of all crimes.
I’d played her for my pleasure alone…
She’d believed in her heart that we would never part
and I killed her – to make her be gone.
Then a breath of perfume comes over the room
and a whisper like gossamer thread:
“Dearest one, I forgive you and never will leave you
and we’ll meet at the rise of the dead.”
But my life will be long listening to her song
as my soul dies a bit more each day.
For the angel I killed had yet my heart so filled –
Hell itself would not suffice to pay.


by damommza & sunovawot

Father Time has frozen hands
that will not move at all
when you need the future
it won’t come when you call

He will not spare a second
to get you on your way
minutes remain frozen
moments, forever stay

you can’t escape the present
time will not go ahead
while stuck here in this pain
grief trapped inside your head

if only time would speed up
then you’d be far away
and your problem could be
left in the yesterday

still Time has abnegated
his purpose and his role
leaving you to writhe in
the anguish of your soul

and purgatory clutches you
it holds you to your grief
heaven or darkest hell
either would grant relief

can it be coincidence
Time ceased to play his part
the moment that you plunged
your dagger in her heart

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