frankie faithless

frankie faithless, lithe and lissom
come and weave your thoughts for me
i will meet you in the garden
there we’ll crack a jar or three

frankie faithless, skirts a-swirling
genuflecting as you go
i will tell you a life story
tales there are for all to know

frankie faithless, wild and windswept
crazy as a cardboard frog
let me in to tell your fortune
there is light beyond this fog

frankie faithless, bold and bristling
take a walk with me this night
leave no sign to mark our passage
sing to me of your delight

frankie faithless, rare and righteous
all those steps you chose to take
i could see you smiling softly
as the hearts around you break

frankie faithless, cool and carefree
when it comes, push to shove
there is only one word for it
damn my eyes, but i’m in love



I’ve sailed the seas forever with my compass in my hand
I’ve roared a million chanties that none can understand
and spent my time and energy in searching high and low
in many a million places no-one should have to go
and though it seemed that I was bound to search forever more
after all these ages I have finally found your door

wot wurdz

wot wurdz of mien can corss teh voyd
wot’z in mai hart, hao do ai tel
iz tehre a tiem or playse sumwer
wer wii can joyn adn brayk teh spel
taht holdz owr yurnin selvz apart
wen awl tehre iz iz need tu shayr
tu tayk yoo in mai armz wunse moer
tu noe wunse moer taht yoo ar tehre