a dark and stormy night I cried
the night my darling boyfriend died
what truths he knew what lies he told
of banshee scream and faeries gold
I knew he wasn’t good for me
but still I would not let him free
for truth and lies I both ingest
and drew from him his very best
of battle fought with giant foe
and subtle haunts where he would go
I know, I know, he told me lies
I saw it there within his eyes
but fool I am and to my shame
I cooked and ate him all the same



the customary marks I leave upon your tortured brow
and curl your pretty ringlets but it’s not enough somehow
I’ll turn you inside out I think, and play upon your fears
then just in time to say goodbye I’ll brush away your tears

I’m sure you are a messenger from heaven up above
a living testimonial, an avatar of love
if nothing else you transcend all the limits that I knew
how can it be I lived so long before I first met you

the days and nights we spend apart seem to deplete my soul
only when I’m touching you do I feel in control
the sacrifices that I made to bring us to this place
are written in the suffering so plain upon your face

when everybody feels as I the world will be complete
and I will lay me down to sing hosannas at your feet
until that day arrives though I have little choice but wait
and play upon your foolish fears and hope I’m not too late

may I

may I call you dear, my dear
and may I take your hand
may I spend my life with you
if you have nothing planned
and may I call you love, my love
it’s funny but it’s true
the only thing that I want now
is to be close to you
and oh, you know, my love, my dear
no matter what you say
I will love and cherish you
until you run away

night thoughts

by damommza & sunovawot

the darkness falls
and all around
the creepers creep
yet make no sound

the fire licks
and bites my nose
the air is filled
with voiceless prose

I want to talk
of zombie death
of hell on earth
and my last breath

but every word
from those still here
is talk of “things”
and not of “fear”

it’s recipes
how tough the meat
“I feel so fat”
“what did I eat”

it’s wrinkle cream
the price of milk
annoying kids
and all their ilk

so here I sit
and drink my brew
and count the ways
of killing you…

…a kitchen knife
a hammer, sledge,
a building, tall,
over the edge

a hanging tree
or, for a laugh
while in the bath

a gun, a fire
a well cast spear
venomous snake
or poisoned beer

a plastic bag
wrapped round the head
will do the trick
and see you dead

oh, what’s the point
I know the score
I’m stuck with you
forever more

the creep

I’ll reach beyond these sea-girt lands
pull you in to my desire
hold you tightly in my embrace
burn you with a lover’s fire

and when you ask, as ask you might
what right I have to hold you
forget all rights, accept what is
as my strong arms enfold you

I’ll take you in and hold you close
ignore your foolish cries
what matters it what you may think
when love is in my eyes


In my own little corner
I can play my little games
I can conjure up disaster
by a million different names
I can break you on a wheel
I can curse you to your death
I can grind you down to flinders
I can steal your every breath
in my own little corner
I am king of all I see
in your own little corner
wouldn’t you rather be me


and I breathe my fear upon you
as the nightmare takes your sight
and the death of all you care for
is the promise of the night
and I smile into the darkness
as the fears within you swell
and the choruses of demons
drag you screaming toward Hell
and the worst you can imagine
is the least that you should dread
for the torments that await you
will not stop because you’re dead

the last dance

“the warmness of your greeting deserves to be repaid
except” he said “it’s cold and I am dreadfully afraid
worms will feast upon my corpse before this dance is through
even though I’ve no idea why I should dance with you”

I smiled at him and shook my head and gave a little wave
to spur on the workers who were digging him a grave
and even though his presence dragged I reached out for his hand
to explain myself once more to help him understand

“I am what you could have been if only you had dared
to step outside your comfort zone but always you were scared
so you took the easy path when it came time to choose
and anyway you look at it the game of life you lose

“so lie down and let them cover you with the fresh turned sod
and whisper your entreaties to your blind uncaring god
and I will go upon my way and think of you no more
a sorry little waste of space with nothing at it’s core”

little sweetheart

oh my little sweetheart
what a story what a lark
stealing through the nighttime
hiding horrors in the dark
i knew you were a terror
you couldn’t hide the truth
by the size of your claws
by the sharpness of tooth
but now you got to calm down
hide your bloodshot eyes
come on like mr smooth
you might yet get the prize
innocence is out there
ready to be caught
they really cannot deal with
creatures of your sort


I perch upon a rooftop
and watch you down below
throw caution to the wind and
follow as you go
where ever you are heading
I will be there too
my only purpose being
to watch over you
for I chose you as my quarry
and that will be your fate
I’ll cover you in roses
then bury you in hate