the panda

there’s a purple spotted panda at the bottom of our street
who’s dressed like how’s your father from his head down to his feet
he’s speaking in italian, a language he don’t know
of the wampus cats awaiting where the welkin’s hanging low

the ground is made of taffy though they not a one said please
but wrapped him up in spider’s web and brought him to his knees
and all the pretty butterflies are flying much too soon
while children dance upon the path that leads them to the moon

the leaves are made of iv’ry on iconoclastic trees
the depths of their despair can be heard floating on the breeze
mice and rats will comfort you when all your money’s spent
and sing you christmas carols just to carry you through lent

now i have never been there, and i guess i never will
for though i love you dearly, i’m peculiarly ill
and everybody knows that pandas rarely tell the truth
a symptom of celebrity they picked up in their youth


where do sounds go

by damommza & sunovawot

where do sounds go, after they flee,
from pain and shattered dreams?
like little bubbles of despair
filled with tiny screams

do they land in other places
or attach to people’s clothes
do they linger round your collar
and just sit upon your nose

are they the creaking in the night
the sound upon the stair
the door slowly unlocking
when you know there’s no one there

are they the coffee mug that clinks
and fills another cup
the sound of sipping dark, hot brew
when only you are up

the question is a troubling one
though most seem not to care
they’ll tell you noise is nothing but
vibrations in the air

yet after all this maundering
between us, me and you
where do the dead sounds wander
I haven’t got a clue


by sunovawot & damommza

the light comes on
and what a scare
i look for me
but i’m not there

it’s passing strange
when all you find
you’ve left but left
yourself behind

so i look for
me plainly hid
i swore i’d not
but then i did

if i’m not gone
and i’m not there
i really am
not anywhere

so off i creep
in to my bed
and on my pillow
there’s my head

if I’m not the solipsist, who is?

I am but a simple man
have been since the world began
and when I die you can be sure
the universe will be no more

big bang

I could grieve alone forever at the parting of our ways
or lift you up to heaven on a tide of fulsome praise
I could turn the world around you to keep you in the light
and all I ask is just one kiss to see me through this night

I could share with you the secrets that are buried in my past
tear the shackles from you to set you free at last
love you ’til the sun burns out and the universe has gone
and then kickstart another so my love for you lives on


there’s a pachyderm down in the garden
daddy what should I do
there’s a pachyderm down in the garden
asking the way to the zoo

listen son do as I tell you
whisper right into its ear
I don’t give a damn where you came from
but there’s no way to get there from here

there’s a pachyderm down in the garden
daddy I’m at my wits ends
there’s a pachyderm down in the garden
saying he wants to be friends

listen son don’t be a nuisance
tell it whatever you like
then give it a drink and a sandwich
and tell it to go take a hike

there’s a pachyderm down in the garden
daddy it’s singing rude songs
there’s a pachyderm down in the garden
wearing bikini and thongs

listen son I’m getting angry
nothing you say makes any sense
so tell it that it don’t belong here
then kick it back over the fence

there’s a pachyderm down in the garden
daddy it’s calling me names
there’s a pachyderm down in the garden
disrupting all of our games

listen son this is the last time
tell it that it’s had its fun
but if it don’t leave here instanter
I’m fetching my elephant gun.


speak not to brain nor yet to heart
speak not of science or of art
speak not of love or pain or joy
speak not of game or favourite toy
speak not of peace speak not of war
speak not against and speak not for
speak only when you can’t be heard
and otherwise speak not a word

a philosophy

days and nights are flowing
and I caught in their tide
have no other choice but
try to enjoy the ride


the dealer is impartial
as far as I can tell
win and you’re in heaven
lose and you’re in hell
so that is what I’m doing
as everybody must
playing the cards I’m given
then stick, or twist, or bust


the only question I have
the one that I pursue
is not where am I going
nor what should I do
it’s not what I believe in
or who my heroes are
what my favourite film is
or which my favourite car
am I really happy
that is not on my list
the only question I have
is whether I exist?